Zhongshengxing hoisting and transportationThreeadvantages

Professional construction hoisting transportation infrastructure company

Company strength
  • Industry experience:

    Founded in 2014, the company has accumulated many years of industry experience and is deeply trusted by customers.

  • Qualification certification:

    It has nine professional qualifications in the construction industry, and the hoisting equipment meets the industry machinery standards.

  • Professional focus:

    It is a company with early professional development, early market-oriented operation, high degree of integration and large scale in China.

  • Reliable installation:

    Provide flexible and professional customized services and value of the installation and handling services

  • Professional staff:

    Experienced engineers form a well-trained professional lifting team.

Quality Assurance
Brand cooperation
Zhongshengxing hoisting transportation has formed long-term strategic cooperation with many enterprises, and the brand quality is guaranteed.
Wide range of business
The business covers engineering general contracting, architectural engineering design, decoration, municipal construction, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, loading and unloading and handling, etc.
The price is reasonable
Our company undertake all kinds of hoisting services, free door-to-door survey quotation, reasonable price, we are committed to faster and dedicated to solve problems for customers.
Service Process
  • Survey site
  • Solution
  • Contract
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Acceptance
  • After sales


News and information

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Harbin zhongshengxing hoisting transportation Co., Ltd

  hongshengxing hoisting transportation company was formally established in 2014. It is a construction hoisting transportation infrastructure company with early professional development, early market-oriented operation, high degree of integration and large scale. It is a professional integrated company integrating hoisting, equipment and transportation.

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